study in UK

Our neighbor’s children from the age of ten were asked to study in UK, we were there when the children go to the airport, crying is not willing to go, after all, still so small children, would not like to leave their parents, but his father is determined to send him to the study in UK, that is to exercise his independence, let him go to the study in UK to another, is their feeling of husband and wife is not good, fight all the time, so the fear of affecting the children learn, they sent him to a distant place, but they did not think the child is only ten years old, he will need to take care of their parents, need the warmth of the family, his father is busy with business, seldom care about his life, to see this decision he now, really feel that he didn’t love children, at least he do not know what their children really need, I have seen the child cried so sad heart.