Osaka travel

Human life will encounter a lot of people, and there will be many people at a junction on the left, so cherish and now life is the most important. Now the people are still around, while there is still a chance to travel with the people around you, don’t go too far and near, choose, with very little time can go where, also be now lives leave important memories. In several of our people are not married when we together went to Osaka to a Osaka travel, the very beautiful place we left a footprint. The memory in my life is very important, even if has not had much chance to meet also have missed something in.



Osaka travel

Modern tourism, don’t like too tired, but is very particular in a leisurely journey to get food, shopping, play all enjoy. And I want to enjoy the full range of, still have to go to Osaka travel. There is a saying that ” Kyoto people love to wear, the people in Osaka like to eat”, Osaka is really a rich city food. Osaka is a city with a history of over one thousand years, here, you can feel the modern culture, also can find many monuments, among them, Osaka city day keep pavilion not to be missed. After coming to Osaka also have a great advantage, that is the way to have a look for to Kyoto, Kyoto from Osaka but very close.



Osaka travel

Today is the weekend, I want to go home have a look with the husband parents. On the way when it suddenly began to rain heavily, we parked on the side of the road a little when the rain started again. Sitting with nothing to do, we started to chat. When it comes to before has been discussed travel problems, husband suddenly remembered something and I said, let us go to take a Osaka travel. Because Osaka is the first place before we talk about love when he visited, he said it is because there are too many memories, so want to go again.